Heather Feeney - December 2016

I am a paralegal for a law firm that specializes in trusts, estates and probate. On several occasions we have had the need to do an estate sale in order for the home to be sold. I recently had a home that no other estate sale company would touch. I was turned down several times due to the enormity of the job, home location and not enough man power to tackle the job. I met Gary and Addie at one of their estate sales and struck up a conversation with Gary. I spoke to him of my frustration and he immediately jumped on the opportunity to look at the home. Gary and Addie met me at the estate home and took the job! I was so excited that someone was going to help me. Gary and Addie stayed in constant contact with me and they had one heck of a sale. Almost the entire home contents (from 3 generations) sold!! I came to the sale to see how it was going on their second day and the place was packed. Gary and Addie even had a dumpster, cleaned out the home and had non-profit companies come and take the rest of what was not sold. My mouth dropped when I saw how cleaned up the home was. I recommend Gary and Addie to anyone who needs an estate sale and I look forward to working with them in the future. They will NOT let you down.

Mary - December 2016

Enjoyed the sale. It was my first sale ever. I'll be back to more.

Leslie - October 2016

Very friendly people and very informative.

Steven - September 2016

Very helpful and willing to work with me! More than fair and had people to load. Very personable experience . Let me know when you do others! The format was the best I've seen. 25% and 50% is a great way to maximize sales!

Vicki S - September 2016

Staff was knowledgable and prompt

Dale and Diane - August 2016

Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I know we will enjoy the beautiful picture and spend many hours in the recliner. Thank you all so much. Best of Luck.

David M - August 2016

Thank you for conducting such a nice sale. Everyone on your team was very hospitable, helpful and professional. I look forward to attending future sales.

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